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It is recommended that Spray Drying Tower / Insulated Stainless Steel Tanks should be tested once yearly depending on its use, for Cracks / Pinholes or any damage which would aid the growth of bacteria.

The changing temperatures in Tanks / Towers and stress to plates cracks, pinholes can occur thus allowing product to come in contact with insulation and therefore making an ideal situation for bacteria to multiply. With the equipment used for Crack Detection we can determine tower cleanliness and if the C.I.P. system in use is taking away all milk stone (calcium) etc.

With the high cost of scaffolding for use in Crack Detection of Towers / Tanksn Kurt Nielsen has developed a system which eliminates the need for scaffolding. The manual hoist system is cost effective and labour saving, therefore an important part of the Service.

The process used for the complete job is as follows:

  1. Manual Hoist system erected
  2. Tower sprayed with penetrant
  3. Flushed gently with water
  4. Crack tested using ultra violet light
  5. Repairs carried out if required
  6. No Scaffolding required
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......Scaffolding Not Required